Exploring Possibilities 22 & UP 

Our courses are structured for those individuals looking to work in specialized careers, such as Vet. Asst. and Vet Tech.

 Office/entry level position, filing, data entry, ect. 


Managing house-hold daily living skills, such as handling finances and budgets. 

For students that wish to obtain his/her GED,  we offer continuing education to assist them in his/her studies and help them prepare for the state test


"OUR KIDS Have Fun while learning!" 

      At Little Flowers of Hope, K-!2 program,  Our students learn at his/her own pace and level, in a calm, quiet and nurturing atmosphere. Our children enjoy monthly field trips, personalized, online lessons and 2 to 1 ratio. Speech and Occupational therapy are also available. Most insurances accepted. 

Please feel free to call,  305-298-9787  

for more information or to set up a walk-through.  

​Mckay & Gardiner Scholarships Accepted 

Monthly Field Trips

Little Flowers of Hope encourages growth through experience. 

Believe and anything is possible. 

Little Flowers of Hope was established in 2005 when help for the special needs community was very limited and the availability of a quality education was even more scarce.  As a mother of a special needs child and a professional, I decided to open a school for special needs children.  Little Flowers of Hope has well trained and professional teachers and staff.  We have all worked hard to create a program that is affordable, complies with the Florida Department of Education requirements, and with our small ratios, successfully meets the needs of most individuals with special needs.  As my son has grown, I realized that again the educational options for those persons that are 22 and up are extremely limited.  It is this reason that we have now expanded our program to meet the needs of this populations. 

Amy Simcox